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2021 began my year of actual spotting, I received my first DSLR camera exactly a year ago, along with my 100-400mm lens which brought a year of photography and development. Even now, I’m not nearly as close to being professional, but photography is something I want to continue to improve on through 2022 and beyond.

My America’s Got Talent level story began with me looking at @AndrewWu’s spotting topics from his years of aviation photography, that’s cool I guess. lol

My second ever session with the new camera actually brought me my favorite shot of the year. Colorado One arriving in some contrast that I have not seen since. 💙💛❤️

On an adventure to get my first long exposure, I took a trek across Terminal 1 of LAS to get this tower shot! I still love it to this day for the purple lighting created from the Vegas Strip. 💜

Nellis Spotting is something that’s a bit rarer for me. But flex departures are definitely the most wicked thing to exist in aviation. Hoping to attend Red Flag 22-1 to catch the jets head out for their sorties! 🚩

I was disappointed that this extremely rare visitor wasn’t departing in golden hour, but certainly was not mad about it during post processing! The AN-124 headed to Tampa after a short haul from Creech AFB. ✈️

One of the jets I’ve caught numerous times (and me being the first ever person to spot it). While the team it supports is not the greatest, the livery is fantastic! 🏴‍☠️⚔️

An airport I stop by quite frequently! Victorville is definitely an awesome place to visit to catch some sights of the past, or here, a sight of the future. A Lucky Air 737 8 Max getting some maintenance before headed into service. 🇨🇳

On of the shots from my most recent topic, this spot remains as my favorite angle from LAS. @Dan_77’s favorite too!

One of the summer spots that I love to use exluding the 120 (46C) degree heat. 🤟🏼

More from the long exposure attempts. Thanks to all who supported / inspired me in 2021, time to head to 2022 and see the influx of SoCal spotting topics I’ll be creating. (Hopefully some LAX ones sometime soon).


Canon Rebel EOS 250D
Canon Rebel EOS 450D [OLD]
Tamron 18-270mm F/3.5-6.3
Tamron 100-400mm F/4.5-6.3
Manfrotto Carbon Fiber Tripod

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Cut off wings gang 🤙🏻


Oh my goodness, these are AMAZING! Do you mind if I use the first as a wallpaper? Always like seeing your shots!

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Great shots!👍 I love the Lucky Air 737 Max 8!!

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Go ahead! And thanks 😁

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That first picture is just marvelous!

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Cut-off wings are just 😍

Wouldn’t you agree @Dan_77?

(Also great shots Kamryn lmao, here’s to another year of even better pics)

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I don’t think it gets much better than this lol, 10/10 A+ 100%


Wow. Insane pictures!

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Please get better 👎

@Dan_77 some pictures don’t even have planes in them 🤢

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The best part is when he shows “special” planes but then has their wings sliced off.


The first picture is one of my favorites! Damn that contrast makes the plane look too real!!



I know, it’s absolutely shameful. How can he call himself a plane spotter when he isn’t even spotting planes?


@Kamryn is this ok?


absolutely beautiful, cutoff wings gang

Ayeeee cutoff wings gang

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@Dan_77 winglet gang 👊👊👊

Not one, but two pairs of winglets. Observe how they have not been cropped out of the image Kamryn


I don’t learn from naive DC / Bristol Spotters unfortunately

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