Best of 2019 Spotting: Cole Collins

Hey everyone!

As 2019 and the whole decade reaches it’s end, instead of bringing back the infamous New Years prank from two years ago 😂, let’s take a look at some of my favorite shots from this year.

This year, I noticed much improvement with my shots and editing. You all were a huge help with always being constructive and giving tips while also being very kind to me on my photos, so thank you. Anyways, here are the photos!

January 26th | @Cameron_Stone and I head to LAX for a whole day of spotting

March 3rd | Alaska 737-800 in the Boeing House livery visits Santa Barbara

June 28th | Xiamen and Alaska Airlines specials arrive at LAX

September 8th | American PSA retro departs Santa Barbara

October 21st | Honoring Those Who Serve 737-800 at Santa Barbara

November 3rd | My favorite Alaska special livery visits Santa Barbara

Thank you for viewing my photos and I wish you all an amazing 2020!


Great Job! I love the last one and the More To Love!

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Holy Gorgeous! Those are some stunning and crisp shots! Really nice! 😍😍

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Awesome! The Alaska Airlines photos are the best in my opinion. Oh, and the EVA livery, I didn’t know it existed.

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Beautiful shots! Great work. Looking forward to more of yours in 2020.

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Wow, these shots have very nice effort put into them! I love them all, can’t choose my favorite.

I still remember how that turned out 😂😂

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Really loving the Xiamen Air one! Was that an In-N-Out?

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Thanks! More to love is probably my third favorite shot out of this lineup and Spirit of the Islands is my favorite.

Thank you!

Thanks! I wish Honoring Those Who Serve could’ve came out better, but I was glad to catch it.

Thanks Ethan, we’ll see what has in store for spotting!

Thanks Lucas! My favorite definitely has to be Spirit of the Islands.


Thanks! I was actually on the side walk on Westchester PKWY near In and Out.

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