Best Moonshot I have Ever Done!

I was on my way to WSSS from KEWR with @LHardy64. I looked back at the replay found the beautiful moon and took this amazing shot. With a little bit of editing and magic, this is the final product.


If you removed the name it would be perfect


ya forgot about that otherwise the best one I have done

Hello @A320_Flyerboy19 the name violates the rules of the #screenshots-and-videos but since it is good, and it’s Christmas ill next you go. But for next time please use the in game Screenshot feature to lose the name

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That was a fun (and incredibly long) flight!

Amazing moonshot @A320_Flyerboy19!

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What screenshot feature?

In replay mode you press the camera icon and it gets rid of the display names. Since it isn’t allowed in this category

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well I’m going to retake that pic right now since I know about the screenshot mode

The name tag on the photo

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I am reworking the shot, thanks for the help I had no idea about that feature, I removed manually before not using IF fancy one!

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I really see nothing wrong with the topic.

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@A320_Flyerboy19 it’s alright, the voice of the community moderators has spoken and given you his approval, you need not fear as he had made the executive decision, and his permission, to keep your post open, and nobody shall contest.

Excluding the name (which I didn’t even notice) it’s a really nice picture. Sharpness looks a little high but otherwise top shot!

ya I tried to hide the name is the moon which worked for most people, except the people who stare everything down looking for something wrong. First moon post I have done on the IFC.


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