Best Moments on Infinite Flight Live?

Personally, my best was when I just made my first ever route that wasnt a straight line and went through certain areas like for example GOATZ or RIFTT. I didn’t make the landing when I was at Sydney on it from Canberra. Going around with the path felt so good and when I touched down I jumped and screamed.



I did a island hopping route with a Q400, where I started at TNCM and flew to various airports around. I think I landed about 5 times, and it was so good because I perfected each landing and at the end got 1000xp.

As long as ATC doesn’t give me problems, every time on IF Live has been a good moment. :)

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I maneuvered from KDEN to KASE. The flight path was extremely difficult and I had to fly at a minimum of Fl180 or the mountains had me. And the descent was incredibly rapid and before I knew it I was on the ground and breathing a huge sigh of relief

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Hey I like that response. Way to one up me @FlyFi

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I flew a 40 minute flight into Princess Juliana and the approach controller was amazing! I also had a good landing. (Advanced server)


A very busy day for controllers right now at Princess Juliana

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