Best mobile phone devices for IF?

Hi all,

What are the best phones to use with regards to performance for IF? Considering lag in particular.

My Samsung S21 was brilliant with IF and ran incredibly smooth, however, it no longer charges and I guess it’s because it used to get quite hot after using it for flying so often 😅

I bought a new phone, an Honor Magic 4, and it’s absolutely terrible… The lag is insane even with the quality set to the lowest options. I bought it thinking it would be ok, but no!

I’d like to get back flying, but it’s been a month and i guess I’m willing to buy a much better phone now (not a tablet), to play IF.

Edit: i don’t want to consider potato quality - I’d like to have the best quality set possible.


iPhone 14 Pro Max. Can’t go wrong with it.


An iPhone 12 works great for me


from personal experience i can say the iPhone 13 Pro Max is pretty solid

from all the phones i had over the years this and my iphone 8 plus still run it well

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Not up to date but you will get a good idea of how good they are


I have the 12 and it works just fine

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I started with an IPhone 11 Pro Max and used that for 3 years and now I’ve gone on to an iPhone 14 pro max. Haven’t had any issues.

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Hi @Ben_Carter,

The most important choice is whether you’d like to stick with Android or doom yourself into iOS. Either way, there are plenty of suggestions for both.

For Android, my personal picks would be either the Pixel 7, or go with Samsung again and look at a S22 or S23. There are also a number of other offerings from Sony amongst others

For iOS, you could look at both the 13 and 14 Pro, but the non Pro models will also perform almost exactly the same.

Any device is going to kek over time if you are using it nonstop for flying: moreso if flying long haul, its advised to drop your settings down to reduce the strain on your device. Charging your phone won’t kill it, but lots of heat and rapid discharging/ charging will.

Hope this is of some help!


Brilliant response, thank you!

I should have stated i am wanting to stick with android. I was planning on buying a Samsung again, so maybe the s22 or s23, however I am quite tempted by a google pixle now. You mentioned it as well as a number of reviews in the link someone posted above!


Brilliant. Thank you!


wrong account the first time haha

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How is everyone guessing this right now?? 🤔🤔

Does everyone know its me that does that account??


@IFAE_GLOBAL_AIRFORCE was ur first attempt


The S23 Ultra would be a better choice . I had the S22 ultra and it used to get pretty warm even when the settings were on medium.

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If you are looking at Samsung, the S22 Ultra (and S23 Ultra) is an absolute beast of a device with more features than, idk, something with a lot of features.

The Pixel 7 will not have the same level of performance. It’s designed more to be exceptionally smart and have lots of AI integration, so as far as a pure powerhouse, the S22 and S23 trump it. It’s still an excellent device though. Haven’t used one myself, but I do own a Pixel 6, and that’s been plenty good

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I use a Google Pixel 6A for both Infinite Flight and plane spotting. It runs IF well, has a decent battery life, and has one of the best, if not the best camera you can find on a smartphone as of right now.

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Same, no issues. runs IF very smooth with everything on high settings, and the prices are insane, especially if its on sale. Definite bang for the buck (Pixel 6a user)

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Definitely a full screen iPhone. With the best GPU with the A16 Bionic and best CPU on the market and the amazing 2000 nit display, you can’t go wrong with an iPhone 14 Pro Max!

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