Best mobile flight sim

Hi 👋 I have played this sim since 2017 off and on, for about a 6 months now I have played this game everyday and infinite flight pro continues to impress from the Cessna 172 all the up to a380. Even though some aircraft may not be perfect to some people, The team at infinite flight always work to make there aircraft better and work hard on the reworks. From the big details like gear tilt and engine noise to smallest details like wing flex and seats in the cabin. I hope that everyone knows that the team at infinite flight will always be working hard on the game from the aircraft to the 3D buildings.


For sure!

I have been playing Infinite flight since 2013 and it’s been getting really good every year after year elevating my experience which I really enjoy!


Definitely one of the best flight sims ever!

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You should try you best to get to pro atc!!


Great to hear, Infinite flight does put work into the sim.

Been flying since 2018 and I have loved every bit of it, super amazing to see the sim grow and more people join and join! Especially watching them do all the reworks.

I removed when the 737 finally got wing flex and I had no clue what that even was but now I have way to much knowledge.


agreed! i have been playing since 2017…been learning and gaining knowledge about aviation throughout the years…great sim indeed, kudos to the team!

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My friends always think that I’m playing MFS, but it is simply just the best mobile flight sim that fits in your pocket,

Infinite Flight.

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You just reminded me that I have played off and on since 2017 I have just been play for 6 months straight

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Oh wow…i started flying once again recently after a break

Best Flight sim ever, started in 2014

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