Best memory of 2022

Hello IFC Inhabitants!

As 2022 is nearing a close, I am looking back at my favorite memories this year on IFC and in the simulator!

My best memory is probably my Massive Event in Denver on December 3rd! And of course the many group flights I had with my many IFC friends!

Share yours below and feel free to share pictures


Accidentally landing without gear in front of everyone…


My favorite memory is flying from PHNL-PHOG in August back when I didn’t have pro and forgetting the landing gear

Flew around the earth in under 3 hours back in early February


Try forgetting to bring the gear up after departure on a long haul flight

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and then wondering why you aren’t gaining speed…

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Exactly my point

My time as staff at breeze and spending team with friends on the IFC. 2023 will be starting a VA!

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what happen to join my flight lol

Joining the IFC. Love the community here <3

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It would have to be getting accepted into IFATC in July! Best group i’ve ever been in, everybody is so nice. Getting my Vice President position at Ryanair Virtual would have to another great memory of this year!


Of course, events @LTFM

All in one pic:

A conclusion of my work during 6 months’ scenery editing time.

Falling asleep after switching on VNAV

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