Best MD-11 / DC-10 Screenshots!

Please Note: If you do not want to see any of the MD-11 or DC-10 Pictures shown below, please exit out of this thread. There will be alot of spoilers that are inside the pictures.

Without Further Ado: Hello folks! Welcome to this thread. I was testing out todays LATEST Launch on Android. I decided to give all the IOS Users some spoilers. This thread is to feel free to post some of your favorite MD-11 / DC-10 Takeoff’s, Landings, Cruising, or Formation Flights. I have provided some pictures of some of today’s lovely flights. These pictures were taken by me and only me. If you wish to use them, please ask. Anyways thank you for tuning into this thread and enjoy the spoilers!

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-(This picture was taken in a KC-10 Over Dallas Fort Worth heading to Edwards AFB)

-(This picture is the inside view of the cockpit of the KC-10 (looks the same as the MD-11 and regular DC-10)

-(This is beautiful scenery of Los Angeles on the DC-10 Northwest Airlines heading to Las Vegas)

-(Over Las Vegas in the DC-10 NWA)

-(Wing view of the DC-10 turning base into beautiful Las Vegas (Flew right over my exact community :))

-(The DC-10 on short final to runway 26L at Las Vegas)(Other plane is a MD-11 :))

Thank you for viewing the pictures: I would like to thank you for looking at the pictures I was able to take while Livestreaming! If you did like any of them, feel free to insert some of your favorites down below and if your IOS make sure to tune for the update and experience the airplanes for yourself. Have a happy holiday and see you in the skies!


You can just post them here :)