Best Mates in the Sky || Qantas Virtual Group || 10 Years Official Thread

Thanks for all the hard work that you’ve done @Watt and the hard work that you’ll continue to do in your new role.

Congratulations @Adam on your appointment as Chief Executive Officer of Qantas Virtual Group. Can’t wait to see what you bring in your new role to continue to grow and take QVG even further!


I am absolutely humbled to be appointed as QVG’s new CEO. It’s an absolute honour and pleasure, I hope to do QVG proud!


Thanks for everything you did @Watt, good luck with your new role @Adam.



Qantas Virtual Group Announces Rank Refresh, Chairman’s Club Closure and New Staff

G'day! Welcome to another installment of Q-News!

Rank Refresh

From today, Qantas Virtual Group is pleased to announce a band new refresh of our ranks and their names! Since our humble beginnings, our ranks have been named in a simple manner, reflecting the progression of a pilot. As time rolls on and the Virtual Airline world changes, we’ve decided now to be the perfect time for the refresh, the details of which, you can find below!

The Changes…

New Pilot → Qantas Red
Second Officer → Bronze Frequent Flyer
First Officer → Silver Frequent Flyer
Senior First Officer → Gold Frequent Flyer
Captain → Platinum Frequent Flyer
Senior Captain → Chairman’s Bronze
Fleet Captain → Chairman’s Silver
Chief Captain → Chairman’s Gold

We’re also excited to announce a brand new, exculsive rank: Chairman’s Platinum! Further details will follow in due course.

Closure of Chairman’s Club

After much deliberation, the staff team have decided to retire Chairman’s Club in a move which allowed for our rank renaming. This decision was by no means easy and provided much debate. However, as has been aforementioned, a new role is planned to be similar in nature, and we can’t wait to share more!

New Additions to The QVG Staff Team

In our final piece of news, we’re delighted to announce our newest additions to the Staff Team: @Raybarjaybar and @prkr will be lead by @Errigal in the Flight Operations Department. We wish them well in their new positions, and invite you to congratulate them in their new role with us!

That rounds out our news! We have more to come over the coming weeks, but you’ll certainly just have to keep your eyes peeled!

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11 Years!

It’s with great delight that we are to announce that, today, May 15, is Qantas Virtual Group’s birthday!

Since 2012 QVG has been providing a quality community, world class Crew Centre and a constantly updated route database to our amazing pilots.

We’d like to thank our pilots, partners and staff team for their overwhelming support over the last 11 Years!

To celebrate, we’re offering a 2x Multiplier on all filed flights over the next week!

To join in the fun and get a headstart on your QVG Flying career, you can apply following the link below:

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Happy Flying!
Qantas Virtual Group


Happy 11th anniversary, what a journey so far.

Congratulations from the other side of the World to your VA!
Amazing accomplishment!


What are the requirements, couldn’t find them on your website

Truly the best VA, haven’t been on IF in a couple of years and they welcomed me back with open arms!


How long till I get a response regarding my application, just curious, Thanks!

G’day @Sueno43,

Our sincerest apologies for our delay in processing your application. We aim to have applications processed within a week. More recently however, we as a staff team are very busy with real life activities.

However, we will always aim to process applications as quick as we can and we hope to have you within our Virtual Airline as soon as possible!

Thank you for your concern, and we hope you have a wonderful day!

Best regards,
Chief Executive Officer, Qantas Virtual Group

All good, I understand just curious, have a great day!

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Nice thread.

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I applied.

I have submitted an application and it has been a long time for someone to reach back to me. Is this normal? Cause I’m losing patience

Hello, please keep in mind that people may be busy due to real life, so patience is the key.

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I’m registering in your site but I think it don’t respond when I submit all the required fields.

Hello @QantasVirtualGroup i applied over a week ago but so far I haven’t had a response. No rush, just seeing if my application didn’t go through