Best Mates in the Sky || Qantas Virtual Group || 10 Years Official Thread

Also I like frogs


Amazing VA!

Staff are friendly, chat is super active, and the CrewCenter is AMAZING!


A great VA to be part of…been in many VA’s but if you want fun this the VA …staff is supercool…Active at anytime…Everyone there enjoys a lot …Group flights , Events everything is amazing…Happy 10th anniversary to all QVGian’s.


Not a part of the amazing QVG, but one day I hope to be!

Bumpity bumpity!


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I love being part of this amazing VA!

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You guys have come so far since beginning operations and have shown just what the VA community is capable of. Us at VGVA look forward to seeing just how much further you can go.

Virgin Virtual Group


Bumpity bumpity, QVG is amazing.


The scavenger hunt was so popular we summoned QVG twice. Right @Watt ?

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So glad to be staff here!! Join the team!!


Love my fellow QVGians

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Best Mates in the Sky (2)

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Qantas Virtual Group is Hiring!

We’re recruiting staff members for two new positions at Qantas Virtual Group.

From our earliest days, people have been our priority; both the people who work for us, and the people who fly with us. Today we employ more than a dozen exceptional individuals, and together we fly across the world and prepare to do it all again the next day.

If you’re successful in joining us, you’ll be joining a team where creativity, diversity and innovation are encouraged. Every member of the Qantas Virtual Group enjoys the opportunity and support to follow their dreams, face new challenges and aim for the impossible.

So rise to the challenge and check out our two new positions below! We look forward to reviewing your applications.

Flight Operations Officer

Events Manager

Applications close on Wednesday, September 21st 2022 at 1600Z.

Qantas Virtual Group is in no way affiliated with Qantas Airways. All copyrights and trademarks go to their rightful owners.



I have been away from IF for last 2 years and am now dusting off the old ipad and doing some practice flights. Used to be a staff member at QVG and am so glad that the current team are helping to drive from strength to strength and I look forward to re-joining as a pilot soon!

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Good morning all. I am looking to return to QVG. I have applied on the Crew Center and would love to return to QVG.


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It’s a privilege and an honour to be a member of such a professional and welcoming virtual airline that truly represents the Spirit of Australia in the highest regard!

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Are you required to have discord?

Yes, it is a requirement to have Discord as this is where our details on events and general communication are held.

Oke tk good to know :/

Qantas Virtual Group Appoints New Chief Executive Officer


As of April 10, 2023, Qantas Virtual Group has appointed a new Chief Executive Officer as Abdullah steps down from the role after a prestigious tenure leading the Virtual Airline from Feburary 2022, where his strenuous work has directed the Virtual Airline in a consistently positive direction. Abdullah is and will remain a vital part of our staff team, as he forms part of a new position as the Director of Staff Operations.

We would love to thank @Watt for everything he has done over the previous year and three months as CEO, leading our Virtual Airline through thick and thin. Your work has not gone unnoticed, and we cannot wait to see how you thrive in your new position, providing more personal time!

As such, a new Chief Executive Officer has been appointed. @Adam will lead Qantas Virtual Group into the future and we cannot wait to see what comes from him!

“It is my pleasure and honour to lead Qantas Virtual Group through it’s next chapter as Chief Executive Officer, a position I could never have seen myself in when I started as a Marketing Officer in 2018. I would like to thank Abdullah, who has been an ideal CEO throughout his tenure - I cannot wait to continue working with our excellent Staff Team into the future and drive Qantas Virtual Group further!”

Adam S
Chief Executive Officer, Qantas Virtual Group