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Qantas Virtual Group

G’Day! Welcome to Qantas Virtual Group

Infinite Flight’s Leading Virtual Airline Since 2012

IFVARB Approved

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G’Day! Welcome to Qantas Virtual Group. We’re Infinite Flight’s most renowned Virtual Airline for the past decade. Ever since our establishment in 2012, we’ve been hard at work creating memories, friendships, and showcasing true Australian hospitality. We’re tremendously proud of the progress we’ve made, and all the QVGians we’ve shaped from the ground up. Now it’s time to buckle-in and unlock the next era of Virtual Aviation.

I joined Qantas Virtual Group in 2017 and the staff team in 2018. Qantas Virtual Group as a whole has been through thick and thin, and what was most surprising to me was the motivation each of the staff members have, working their hardest to propel the Virtual Airline in the right direction to move forward. I am absolutely honoured and humbled to now be given the opportunity to lead the Infinite Flight Community’s oldest and continuously operating Virtual Airline as we begin our eleventh year of operations.

If you’re searching for a Virtual Airline that values you and your skillset, Qantas Virtual Group is the place to be. Our various ranks and positions allow any type of pilot to unlock their potential and motivate the community at large. Our vibrant community has a focus on upholding an admirable environment where our pilots can engage and interact as passionate flyers. With a decade of experience behind us, we’re ready to face the next era of aviation. Will you join us?

See you onboard! ✈️

Adam S
CEO at Qantas Virtual Group

About Us

Featured Video | No one takes us to the world like Qantas Virtual Group

Qantas Virtual Group may be the oldest Virtual Airline within Infinite Flight, but that certainly doesn’t defy our passion and commitment to aviation in Australia, and beyond.

Presently, we have more than 200 pilots and more than 5,100 routes serving our ever-growing family of aviation enthusiasts. The Qantas Virtual difference lies in our extraordinary capability to maintain a professional and vibrant community that upholds the spirit of aviation. Whether it’s organizing a group flight, participating in competitions, or just chatting with others on our dedicated Discord Server, QVG pilots stay connected right from day one.

Our Staff Team

QVG’s incredible atmosphere wouldn’t be possible without our hard-working staff team, who are dedicated in providing the best experience possible for our pilots.

Senior Management

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Director of Staff Operations
The Leadership Team
Name Role
@Errigal Director of Flight Operations
@prkr Flight Operations Officer
@Raybarjaybar Flight Operations Officer
Support Staff
@sam2875 @Aaron.C @Josh


At Qantas Virtual we have a diverse fleet and ranking structure that allows pilots to quickly rank up and discover the best of our network. To start off, you’ll be able to experience a vast amount of destinations when you begin with the Airbus A320 family, Dash-8 Q400, and Boeing 717, before unlocking the B737 at just 20 hours.

For a more in-depth list, read on below, or visit the Ranking Matrix on our website.

The Qantas Virtual Fleet & Ranking Matrix
Qantas Red → 0-25 Hours
Mainline Codeshare
➤ Bombardier Dash-8 Q400
➤ Boeing 717-200
➤ Airbus A318-100
➤ Airbus A319-100
➤ Airbus A320-200
➤ Airbus A321-200
➤ GA Fleet [AUNZFC]

Bronze Frequent Flyer → 25-50 Hours
Mainline Codeshare
➤ Airbus A220-300
➤ Boeing 737-700
➤ Boeing 737-800
➤ Boeing 737-900
➤ Boeing 757-200
➤ Bombardier CRJ-200
➤ Bombardier CRJ-700
➤ Bombardier CRJ-900
➤ Bombardier CRJ-1000
➤ Embraer E170
➤ Embraer E175
➤ Embraer E190
➤ Embraer E195

Silver Frequent Flyer → 50-125 Hours
Mainline Codeshare
➤ Airbus A330-300
➤ Airbus A330-900neo
➤ Boeing 767-300
➤ Boeing 777-200ER
➤ Boeing 777-200LR

Gold Frequent Flyer → 125-300 Hours
Mainline Codeshare
➤ Boeing 787-8
➤ Boeing 777-300ER
➤ Boeing 747-400

Platinum Frequent Flyer → 300-500 Hours
Mainline Codeshare
➤ Airbus A380-800
➤ Airbus A350-900
➤ Boeing 787-9
➤ Boeing 787-10
Chairman’s Bronze → 600 - 1000 hours
Chairmans Bronze Award
➤ Priority Gates at Internal Events
➤ Insider News
➤ Assist in designing of Events, Routes, and Challenges

Chairman’s Silver → 1000 - 1600 hours
Chairmans Silver Award
➤ Two 1.5x Multipliers Per Week

Chairman’s Gold → 1600+ hours
Chairmans Gold Award
➤ Two 2x Multipliers Per Week
➤ Three 1.5x Multipliers Per Week
➤ Ability to hold Flash Flights

Invite Only
Chairmans Platinum Award
➤ 1.5x on all Flights
➤ Hidden Perks

Chairman's Club Silver Chairman's Club Gold Chairman's Club Platinum 2 Chairman'sEmeraldFinal

Recruitment Process

Ready to join us? We can’t wait to have you onboard!

Thanks to our notable legacy in the community, Qantas Virtual strikes a perfect balance of professionalism and convenience in it’s recruitment process. To keep it simple and easy, here’s what you can expect while coming onboard.

  1. Upon signing up via our website, a member of our Recruitment Team will reach out on the Infinite Flight Community inviting you to complete the Qantas Virtual Theoretical Exam. The outcome of this exam does not affect your acceptance into Qantas Virtual Group. Rather, this is a logistical examination to assist our Pilot Instructors, who will provide Q-Academy training to new recruits if necessary. We still encourage you to try your best on the exam and utilize community tutorials to review your aviation skills.
  1. Upon completing the Theoretical Examination, a member of our Recruitment Team will return to your Infinite Flight Community PM and invite you to our dedicated Discord Server for Pilots.
  1. Upon joining the Qantas Virtual Discord Server, a training room will automatically be opened where one of our Staff Members will verify and activate your account in the Crew Centre & Discord systems. They will then proceed to share some beginner information for the VA as well as addressing any questions or concerns regarding your understanding of Infinite Flight. Within just minutes of joining the Discord, you’ll be free to fly and serve the Australian Spirit.

So what are you waiting for?
Check out the links below to get involved, or get in touch if you have any questions.

Website | IFC PM | Email | Livechat | Instagram


When we say “Best Mates in the Sky” - we mean it.

Thanks to our thriving partnerships around the community, Qantas Virtual has formed some of the best friendships in the virtual skies. We appreciate the cooperation of our partners who allow us to become the best of who we are as a community. All our partnerships are based off real-world operations, in order to maintain a fruitful sense of realism.

The Qantas Group Partners
Qantas Mainline Air Calin Bangkok Airways Japan Airlines SriLankan
Qantas Classic Air France British Airways Jet Airways Vietnam Airlines
QantasLink Air New Zealand Cathay Pacific Kenya Airways Westjet
Qantas Freight Air North China Airlines KLM
Jetstar Air Tahiti Nui China Southern LATAM Group
Jetstar Asia Air Vanuatu El Al Airlines Qatar Airways
Jetstar Japan Alaska Airlines Finnair Solomon Airlines
Jetstar Pacific American Airlines Iberia South African Airlink
AUNZFC Asiana Airlines IndiGo South African Airways

image OneWorld Virtual Alliance image

Founded in December 2020, the OneWorld Virtual Alliance began with a few partners looking to strengthen the connection between the OneWorld community. Today it has grown into a strong and durable alliance that brings the community together with its frequent public events. The future of OneWorld Virtual shines bright. We can’t wait to see where it takes us.

Crew Centre Banner

The Qantas Virtual Crew Centre is an elegant piece of art.

Combining usability, convenience, and feature-packed services, our fully customized Crew Centre is the main hub for our pilots. Whether it’s finding a route, creating a flight-plan, or reviewing a tutorial, you’re always two clicks away from where you need to be - without ever leaving the Qantas Virtual Website.


Did You Know?

Qantas Virtual Group was the first Infinite Flight Virtual Airline to implement and adopt the use of a Crew Centre for VA Operations. Our first Crew Centre was launched in 2015, using phpVMS.


Still not convinced QVG is the place to be? Read on below to see what our pilots have to say about us.

“Qantas Virtual Group is one of the most modern and most friendly virtual airlines I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of. The staff are always happy to help and they make sure that your time at QVG is as enjoyable as possible. The variety of routes through Qantas and its codeshares means you’ll never be stuck on finding a flight. I’ve had the best time at Qantas Virtual Group and look forward to what’s to come.”
-@Errigal | QVG Pilot & Chairmans Emerald Member

“QVG’s community is one of the only communities that I can say is undoubtedly fun, from the moment I joined I was showered with nothing but friendliness from the Pilots and Staff. As a Staff Member, you’re usually expected to be professional but once I was onboarded, we were able to blend the seriousness of work and the humorous side of our day-to-day life and have an efficient and fun work environment. I couldn’t think of a better VA to be in!”
-@Jxshua | QVG Pilot & Former Staff Member

“QVG is the beans
-@Alex_E | Q-Advisor & Former Staff Member

Join Us

Come on board and experience the true Australian Spirit.

We’ll be waiting to help you on your new career in the Virtual Skies and beyond. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out via our Community Account or the relevant forums listed below.


Contact Us

IFC PM | Email | Livechat

Qantas Virtual Group is in no way affiliated with Qantas Airways. All copyrights and trademarks go to their rightful owners.



The Fun Continues!

To celebrate our anniversary we’ve opened Qantas Virtual Group up for a week with an Open Recruitment opportunity giving the community access to our lively group!

From 2022-05-12T14:00:00Z2022-05-19T14:00:00Z all applicants will be exempt from our Theoretical Examination.

We hope you enjoyed our anniversary weekend full of fun activities, and we can’t wait to see you in the Virtual Skies, flying the Spirit of Australia!

Apply Here!


Words can not express how tremendously proud I am of this VA and its accomplishments over the last decade. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for such a bright family of passionate aviators. ✈️ 🦘




2012, the year that shaped the future of VA/VO’s in IF. Can’t believe its already been a decade since it happened. Qantas Virtual Group, the first VA on Infinite Flight came into existence 10 whopping years ago.

We are pleased with the relationship QVG and QRV shares as of now, so we decided to take the time and congratulate them on a decade of serving nothing but excellence that has led to many ahievements. Can’t wait to see what’s next for QVG.

Sending lots of love to all QVG’ians.

Kind Regards
Team Qatar Airways Virtual


Let me just put some words of appreciation.

QVG, where it stands today has been the hard work of many members throughout these years. They have created a community that is vibrant and unique from any other. Congratulations to them on a wonderful decade of service and wishing them good luck for what’s stored in the future!

Sending lots of love.


Glad to be part of QVG and Qatar virtual.
Keep up the good work
QVG 930


Glad to be part of this wonderful VA! Fantastic job on the new thread!!


Great thread and amazing work by the QVG team as always.

Couldn’t agree more - it’s been amazing to see what you guys have done with Flare.


Brilliant thread guys!


I’m so privileged to be apart of such a wonderful VA, the accomplishments and growth it has seen through the decade are quite literally unfathomable. The future is bright for QVG, and I can’t wait to see where it takes us! ❤️


Superb work by all the pilots and staff! Can’t wait to see where this journey takes us as we grow together as one!
Thank you for the amazing experiences and lots of fun!
Qantas 009VG cleared for takeoff!

Qantas Virtual Group
Marketing and Communications Manager


I agree Josh xoxo


This comment made my day, thank you Kai, on behalf of the whole QVG team!


Awesome thread guys 🤙


So glad to be a part of this VA!


An entire decade! Congratulations on this awesome milestone! Here’s to the next 10 years, all the best to you! 🎉👏


A big congratulations to you Qantas, what an achievement !


QVG is like Spiderman, instead of sticking to the wall… QVG sticks to our hearts:D


I couldn’t be happier to find myself volunteering time for such an amazing VA, an innovative industry leader with so much to stand and strive for.

The past 4 years with QVG have gone by like a flash, and so much has happened in that time!

If anyone is looking into joining a VA, QVG is certainly one of the best. Here’s to the next 10! 🦘


Qantas virtual group is the best VA experience I have ever got!
The staff is super polite and Joshua is really helpful glad to be part of it!