Best Low-cost Virtual Airline

I looked for a duplicate and didn’t see one.
EasyJet has an in beta ACARS and a FlightPlan system, I don’t know anything else about the other ones.

  • EasyJet Virtual
  • RyanAir
  • JetBlue
  • Virgin Austalia
  • SilkAir

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If you joined EasyJet you would know how better and realistic we are

I would recommend TheLuxAero Group Virtual…

I never thought of that, sorry @Blizzard

I personally don’t think that Virgin Australia and Silkair are low cost airlines. Silkair is actually not that cheap; it’s just flies to regional and basically smaller airports that don’t need to be serviced by Singapore Airlines bigger main fleet.

I would think JetBlue is best. We are active, have a good number of pilots, and fly with realism. You need a test to get in too.


JetBlue is by far one of the best low cost airlines, @Benny87654321 and @hubandspoke1 do a great job of keeping things in check. if you are interested in joining contact one of us for info.


There isn’t “best” VA
Everyone are différent and have + and -


Um… Virgin Australia is not low cost. It’s actually more expensive than Qantas in some areas.


Sorry, I didn’t know.

I’m getting ready to realise ACARS on the website and put a login for employees.

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Those routes are there, because of our partners, Virgin America Virtual, Delta Virtual, and Alaska Virtual.

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Actually our homepage mentions our Skyteam Partnership, which would includes those airlines.

Just see my PM.

You do realize that easy jet isn’t a part of sky team IRL right? Thats not very realistic lol


JetBlue all the way, we are a very realistic VA that has friendly pilots and awesome events every week. And we don’t fake being in Skyteam.


Look! I am NOT in charge of this VA. If you want to tell that to someone in charge of EasyJet please contact @Sam1.

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As said before, I am not in charge of EasyJetVA.

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