Best Long Hauls with the A350

I really like flying the a350 and i really like long routes. I would like to know routes that take around 15 hours so i can fly them with the a350

Have a read of this blog post!



Here’s another great blog post that I would recommend!


every single route that exists.

French Bee’s Papeete to Reunion route is one of the best out there, as it connects 2 amazing islands on opposite sides of the world. The flight stops in San Francisco and Paris (Orly), so it’s also really scenic since you’d pass over Greenland and Iceland!

I recommend the KJFK to WSSS route.

Worlds longest flight if you’re up for it :)

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SFO-TPE/TPE-SFO ( China Airlines)
MUC-HND ( Lufthansa)
DOH-JFK ( Qatar)
PPT-SFO ( FrenchBee)
not all are 15+ hours

those are some nice routes to fly, however if you want a more comprehensive list of ALL A350 routes check this website (@Delta319 also posted this btw) : Airport Spotting Blog

Airbus A350 Routes

@Furwani Glad your intrested in flying the beutiful A350, as you can tell it’s my favorite aircraft that I aspire to Captian!!! :)

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KLAX to LEMD Iberia A359

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Doha to Auckland (Qatar Airways)
Singapore to Los Angeles (Singapore Airlines)
Kuala Lumpur to San Francisco (Malaysia Airlines)

All this flight is 15 hours.

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You can do MMUN-LTFM now for tomorrow’s ATC on Expert :)

uhh… try out kuala lumper to amsterdam you can pass through asia to europe with some beauty scenary

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A number of resources have been provided. This also has been asked numerous times and can be found with a simple search.