Best long haul flight

What is the best long haul flight? And what aircraft?

The best long haul flight I did was from Frankfurt to Beijing in a Lufthansa 747-8, because of the scenery.


Here are some past posts with some suggestions:

Also, I would look at some real life flights on FR24 and Flightaware.


There is no best long haul flight. I have done a lot now so I look for random cargo routes but the traditional routes are a good start point. EGLL - JFK. OMDB - VHHH etc…

If you use Infinite Flight FPL Converter you can select your desired item, departure or arrival airport and get a random route. This is what I do 80% of the time.


Wow! I have tried this feature, only “random flight” on flightaware. This is pretty neat!


As said above there isn’t really a “best long haul” but i do have a suggestion for a long haul to you, try doing KPAE - EDDF, the flight should be about 10 hours and it’s a delivery flight done with the Lufthansa 777 Freighter, i got inspiration for this in this Video by pilotseye, which I highly recommend watching ;) Pilotseye tv Boeing 777 Beautiful Skies Descent, Approach & Final - YouTube

Enjoy the scenery!


I just tried it but do you have to put in all those number things?


All you need to do is click random flight, if you have an airport in mind to arrive or depart from then put that in. Likewise if you have a time frame then select your own flight duration and if you want to use a certain aircraft then do that. Keep clicking random flight until you get a route you like then click details and copy the FPL, then paste onto IF


How do you copy and paste it to IF on your phone from your phone? Is there an app?

Click copy then go to your map on IF and paste it onto the search bar. If you use different devices then message yourself the FPL

Ok thank you @Chatta290

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KJFK - EGLL is just boring and in no way the “best” longhaul flight, its just…water…

Choose one with great scenery like flying over the African continent or Asian continent.

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Anything over 1 hours of flying and its just too much for me. You will never catch me doing a 15 hour flight, nope. But I’ll just throw in KLAX-EHAM, …just two random airports I chose

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I really enjoyed the flight from RJAA to KSAN. The approach was very beautiful during sunrise and I had a really nice landing on the “shorter” runway of KSAN. Here is a picture in Tokyo, and on my approach 🙂. (Btw I used the Japan air b787-9)

Hopefully it’s ok to post pictures…

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I like anywhere in Australia to EGIL

A really nice one that has some pretty good scenery is from Singapore
to London Heathrow

Hello there! Please check this thread out, it contains a lot of sugggested routes includingg long ones!

I love approaching San Francisco from North, because you can see San Francisco and the bay! So I always try to fly to San Francisco, and I make myself the route, passing through VORs and the last one is SGD. For example: EGLL-KSFO: EGLL HON MCT STN KEF YFB YYQ YYC SEA PDX SGD KSFO. This is for going over the artic. Another one would be: EGLL HON DAP YQX YHZ YQI BOS JFK FQM ERI DXO BTL ORD OVR CYS TCH HZN SGD KSFO

We already have a handful of topics that are somewhat similar in nature to this already. These topics have been posted as replies within this topic by HiFlyer & Cjthew91. Feel free to take a browse through those topics to find specifically what you’re looking for. Thanks for the understanding and have a great day! 🙂

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