Best Long-Haul Flight For Scenery

What are the best long-haul flights for scenery?


Vancouver-(Any European City)
Iceland in/out


Anything into China or Australia.


Here’s a classic EGLL-YSSY


I agree anything within Australia is great


Tokyo-Brisbane, view the coast of mainland Asia as well as Phillipines, then on descen witness the coasltine of Australia, all in about 10 hours.


One of the most Amazing flights I’ve done is Paris (CDG) (LFPG/CDG) to Port Louis in Mauritius (FIMP/MRU). The route is operated by an Air Mauritius Airbus A350 as flight MK15 and MK17.


There’s so many.
Amsterdam - Cape Town in the KLM 777,
Any flight from Dubai to Western Europe,
Any flight from Dubai to Kathmandu or the Far East,
Los Angeles - Bogota,
New Delhi - Osaka
I also recommend any flight within Africa. It’s a huge continent.

Pretty much anything flying over the ocean a majority of the time is not good

Even though a good part of it is over the ocean, London to Santiago is a beautiful life. I can’t think of any long-haul flights to go into this airport, but the prettiest approach I’ve seen was flying into Opico Ecuador

Any flight to/from Anchorage. There are many cargo routes to China and nearby countries.

One of the best passenger routes is Anchorage to Reykjavík, Iceland.

Patagonia argentina


I would recommend any flights originate from or to Switzerland.

For a caribbean route, KMIA (Miami) to TNCM (Princess Juliana airport, Sint Maarten) has some great scenes of light blue water and some small islands around, I fly it quite frequently, and enjoy it every time, oh and also KSFO to KDEN (or KDFW), has great scenery that everyone enjoys ;)

Darwin to Los Angeles
Flying over Tonga and Fiji at 40,000 is amazing.

Some good destinations/regions that are at the top of my head:

  • Switzerland/Austria/Southern Germany (Alps Region)

  • Brisbane-Sydney Coast Australia (Great Barrier Reef)

  • Miami-Caribbean Islands (Caribbean Region)

  • Kenya/Tanzania/Mozambique Coast (Mt. Kilimanjaro)

  • Cape Town, South Africa

  • Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia-Beijing,China Corridor (Mongolian Dessert, Yan Mountains Region)

  • Quito,Ecuador-Ushuaia,Argentina Coastline (Andes Mountains)

  • Auckland-Queenstown Corridor (Southern Alps Region)

  • Anchorage,Alaska-Alberqerque,NM (Sierra Nevadas Region)

  • Vancouver,BC-San Diego,CA (Historic US Route 1 Coastline)

  • Kailua Kona-Lihue, Hawaii Corridor (Hawaiian Islands)

  • Sopparo-Naha, Japan Coastline (Japanese Coastline, Mt. Fuji, includes Tokyo)

Hope this helps, and enjoy the sightseeing! 😀

Cape town - St. Helena
Amsterdam - St. Maarten

KORD—>OMDB. You get to see the east coast of Canada, the southern coast of Greenland, and parts of Europe and the Middle East.

Broken Hill to Kathmandu, unorthodox but you’ll like the views

Whitehorse to Frankfurt