Best locations for Backcountry flying

As y’all know the XCub is set to come out soon and I’m pretty excited about trying it out. Do any GA experts know any scenic locations to do some Backcountry flying? Thanks in advance.


Im not expert but I always just hit the caribbean.


Alaska. Juneau, Skagway, Glacier Bay National Park, Ketchikan.


My suggestion would be Montana.
Awesome scenery, and thanks to the IFAET many smaller airports in that state are being edited!


Was just going to say that! :) Beautiful mountains and water

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Later wanna fly that area? I’m always down for Alaska

A nice little place to visit is 4S2 (Ken Jernstedt Field) located just east of Portland Oregon. It has a nice little river that flows through that area and some great scenery. It’s a great little airport I fly to in Infinite Flight a lot after it was showcased in a Flightchops video and got my attention.

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I would recommend flying in the Rocky Mountains west of Denver. I have flown the 172 around and it was fun. One rule is is that you can not go above the valley

Australia ularu or Canada

South East Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Idaho.

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If you like some coastal flying, you can head up Minnesota’s north shore, all of the airports along that coast are edited.

Montana is where I will be flying:-) Not only is it my home state, but it has a large variety beautiful landscapes that will present different challenges to the XCub! I can’t wait!


Two words.

West Virginia.

Lesotho Matekane FXME head for the “mountains of dragons”
Chile Rio Mayer SCOH surrounded by mountains
Russia Tiksi UEST head south towards the veiny terrain

Takeoff from Portland Troutdale Airport and head east following the Columbia River. After some time you’ll end up at Columbia River Gorge Regional Airport. The flight takes you the the Columbia river Gorge Scenic area which has some pretty cool scenery. Give it a try and tell me what you think!

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Australia along the great dividing range would be good

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Almost heaven, West Virginia
Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River
Life is old there, older than the trees
Younger than the mountains, blowing like a breeze


Ranger Creek 21W(AirNav: 21W - Ranger Creek Airport), northeast of Mt. Rainier in Washington is pretty cool. Challenging approach and cool scenery. I’m sure the Supercub will make it easy!

Big Bend in west Texas. Take off at Lajitas airport which is actually quite detailed in IF and fly to the Chisos Mountains. It’s all right next to the Rio Grande. Really underused in IF as not many people fly in west Texas.

Intercostal from Florida to Annapolis Virginia.