Best light,medium,heavy aircraft

Whats the best light, medium and heavy plane u ever flew on or just saw IRL NOT IN GAME.
Mine is:
Light: 172(cause its the only light i flew on ;-;)
Medium: probably A320
Heavy: 772 ER

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Light: None
Medium: A220-300
Heavy: None

In game I would say:

Light: Xcub
Medium: A320 family or B757
Heavy: B77W or B747

Irl I would say

Light: none
Medium: A320NEO family or A220 and B757
Heavy: B747, A350

Light: none ;-;
Medium: A320 family
Heavy: A346 (A359 and 77W were also really nice but the flying sausage is DA BEST)

This doesn’t meet the standard for a #real-world-aviation post