Best lens for spotting on a canon?

^can jump on this. i just got one recently and it has tremendously improved my pictures.

I’m going to head to KLGB and KLAX later today and test out my current lens. I’ll be looking at lenses right now.

Do you know what lens you currently have? It should say on the very front?

It would definitely be a good idea to test your current lens, that way you can work out if you need a higher focal length etc

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Yea I have some wide angle lens attachments. The basic lens is 18-55mm. I’ll have to find my camera backpack.

Make sure to keep it, once you have a telephoto you will realise how useful a wide angle can be.

If you get the lens Kirito suggested your spotting sessions will become a blast.

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The basic kit lens is really useful to have around for the close up stuff, but it’s really lacking when it comes to any kind of ranged photography.

The 70-300 that @Q-ENAN suggested is also a fantastic lens, though a lot of people say it looses sharpness at the end of its focal length. The 55-250 I use is clear all the way through, and that 15mm difference means you can get a little bit closer to your subject.

I don’t like to be a shill for self promo, but this is my most recent spotting thread, and it was actually the first time I used the new lens for spotting. Paired with a 550D, which is inferior to your camera, I was really happy with the results

Definitely keep the ultrawide attachments, you can get some really fun shots with those

I would also recommend looking at this topic. It was an absolutely monumental help for me:


Either the 70-300mm is an excellent starter zoom lens, or if you really wanna bump up to the big leagues, you could consider a 100-400mm lens (this is the one I use, for wildlife photography as well)

Always recommend 55-250 IS STM to people. 70-300 is good too but it’s three times the price.

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Adding onto this, specifically the IS STM. The MkII lens is also very good, and a decent alternative if you can get it drastically cheaper

The STM uses a Stepping Motor (STM) for focusing, in simpler terms it has a really quick and silent focus. It’s really really useful for high speed shooting, but also for video capture as the lens focus can’t be heard in the recording.

Going off of this, what is the best camera for spotting?

That’s an incredibly open question.

A better clarification would be “what is the best spotting camera for £xxxx”

It’s easy to recommend a really expensive mirrorless camera that could cost over 3k, but that’s out of reach for a lot of people.

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If you just wanna get started get a midrange starter camera like a D3500 or Rebel SL2/SL3

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Ok then I’ll make it a question to easier understand, whats the most affordable camera that is best for plane spotting?

Ooh! Thank you! I’ll look into them!

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I’m gonna repost @Kirito_77 ’s reply to a similar post, simply because it has a lot of links and resources to similar topics:

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Ohh okay, I should have looked around

I personally use the 100-400. It is a good all rounder in my opinion.

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All depends on your budget for the most part, but at the end of the day you’ll want a telephoto. Here are my three recommendations from cheapest to most expensive.

A good entry level telephoto would be the 75-300. This is what I started with.

The next step up would probably be the 70-200. These are a lot more pricey but you can find them used for under $500 if you buy the original Mark I version.

Lastly the 100-400. I noticed a lot of people already recommended this lens and after using it a few times I can certainly advocate for it as well.

If I could offer any advice it’s to buy your gear used. It is not uncommon to find people selling their gear up to 50% off with little to no cosmetic damage at all.

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55-250 IS STM will do the trick especially outdoors, its also cheap and handy.

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