Best Legacy US Carrier

I’m bored so lets see what the public thinks is the best legacy US Carrier (I did not insert LCCs since we all know some of them are much better)

  • United Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Delta Airlines

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Delta is the best, but United is my favorite.


I like Delta and American Airlines, but I like United as well. Its just the fact that people always have something bad to say about United.

I’ve had pleasant experiences with United and Delta. I didn’t enjoy AA, even with Main Cabin Extra. United gets trashed because of their PR fiascos. People are voting because of that rather then the actual service.


I’m almost always traveling with an instrument, and Delta is by far the easiest and least stressful for me.

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Hands down delta is the best. Absolutely

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Hands down American! Flying international with them all the time, I can say that I have had nothing but good experiences!

I honestly love American! Delta charges too much to check bags.

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See? That’s too much! :(

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But it’s the same exact amount as American…

The last time I flew American, they only charged somewhere between 15-20 dollars a bad and Delta went up to $40

Also, American has nice and friendlier staff than Delta.

You must have flown AA a long time ago because the websites clearly state $25 for the first checked bag while flying domestically on either airline.

Yeah we flew international on both airlines

Which countries? Bag fees vary by country.

Aruba, a tiny country 90 miles north of Venezuela

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We all know Southwest is better, no need to ask 😂


🎵 ‘cause United breaks guitars…🎵


That’s why I voted Delta

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Well, I voted Delta because my experiences on AA and United were horrible. I’ve never had a problem on Delta.