Best KDEN spotting locations.

In a few weeks I will be going to Denver on vacation. I would like to know if any of you have experience with spotting at KDEN. If anyone could just let me know if you are aware of any good spotting locations and if you have any photos from those locations feel free to add those too.
Thanks everyone and hopefully I can get some good photos.

@ben @SkyHighGuys and @DeerCrusher are your guys to ask. ;)

Ok, thank you for letting me know.

At DIA, if your in the airport, I would suggest the skybridge connected Jeppesen terminal to Terminal 1. You can get good photos of Frontier planes lined up :)

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Ok, I don’t know if I will be in the terminal though as my family normally rushes to the baggage claim right after deplaning and straight to the gate before the flight back. I am also flying Southwest.

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O nvm then lol. Your gonna miss out:) jkjkjk. Yeah southwest is terminal 3 and your going have to take the underground train in order to get to jeppesen terminal :)

For spotting locations, can they be outdoor?

Yeah, of course. I know that KDEN is around pretty crowded streets though.

not really. The only busy freeway is Pena Blvd.


I suggest you go on East 114 Avenue, Denver, CO. It is a pretty quiet road. It is perpendicular with Runway 16L and Runway 16R. You can get pictures or videos of inbound planes or planes taking off :)

Here is it on googple maps and directions if you need it,+Denver,+CO+80249/@39.9043313,-104.6798151,705m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x876c69c986f8194b:0x344b2b2e56311548!8m2!3d39.9043313!4d-104.6776264

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Ok, thank you very much for your time. Hopefully I can go and get some good photos.

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no problem man!

ask @SkyHighGuys @Ben @DeerCrusher too! They probably have better locations than I do!

Ok I will be sure to, thank you.

Well, the best spot is in an ops car…

But that’s if that’s not accessible, there are a few other spots that are ok. The “Final Approach” rest stop on Peña is good if you are using a long lense, about 200+ mm. This is only good for 25 or 34 departures, but really only 25. They never really land the other way, on 08 or 16.

As for a phone, there isn’t really much good spots, unless you want crappy zoomed photos. You can’t get that close. You can try to go to the employee parking lot off of tower, but the gate guards may hassle you. Try to google earth some good spots, but in reality, DIA isn’t that good to spot at, unless you can get inside.

Ok, thank you. I don’t know if I can get a real camera or not.

That’s unfortunate. It will be tough to capture anything then. Are you arriving through KDEN? If so, you can take a few via the terminals. But if you only have a phone, I say, don’t waste your time. Up to you though, it’s still cool to see them overhead.

yeah you don’t really need a good camera to spot good photos. You phone can capture good shots of inbound planes like at the location I gave you. The plane will be pretty close to you in the air. Just like what @Ben said, you can’t really get any shots of planes on the ground because the tarmac and runway is way to far to access. You will need a good lense :)

Also, the airport sits above the road, so even with a good lense, you can’t see them.

You can still get photos with a phone, but the planes will just be fuzzy small objects in the screen, due to the lack of quality optical zoom. You can’t get High quality, crips, full photos where the plane fills the frame.

Maybe it’s just me, and I am really picky with my photos. I just can’t stand the low quality ones, but if it fits you, go for it.

It’s this:

Compared to this:

If your content with the bottom, then go for it. I know it will be a good time either way.


So I made a quick little graphic that can show you where certain areas are at KDEN. As @ben hinted at, “Final Approach” is an easy access location; however, the winds need to favor aircraft departing to the west. The common runway’s that DIA uses for arrivals are the 35’s and their reciprocals. I highlighted two roads that offer unobstructed views to those up close arrivals and those departing. Those can be seen with the red lines just south of the main terminal, “Valley Head St.” Keep in mind that the VOR-DME is can be accessed from that road, so airport personnel may not like people stopping on that road. There may or may not be signage prohibiting any stopping unless its an emergency. The other option if “Valley Head” is a no go, you can give the cross road that “Valley Head” ends at, “E 56th Ave”. You will see that that road runs East/West. You’ll pretty much be guaranteed to be directly underneath the aircraft on approach/departure. Again, not sure what the laws are for stopping vehicles on the shoulder. Hope this helps and let me know if further clarification is needed. 😁

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Ok, that makes sense. Thank you very much, I will see what I can do.

Ok, thank you very much I will see if I can do some plane spotting there.