Best joystick for mac

Hi! I am looking to purchase a joystick as a new add on to my IF setup! (which is just my couch and iPad. haha) Which joystick is best compatible with mac?

I’m no expert, but I’m positive any joystick that you can connect will work. I suggest looking at the joystick details and see if anything pops up.

If you’re after a good, do it all joystick, I cannot recommend the Logitech Extreme 3D pro enough. I picked mine up for a tenner and I absolutely love it whether I’m using it for Infinite Flight or other desktop simulators.


thank you for the recommendation! do you know of the G X52? is that something you would also recommend?

Ah unfortunately I have no experience with that particular setup, I’ve never used it before. The only other thing I’ve had besides the 3D pro is a 10 year old Microsoft sidewinder, and I’m certainly not going to recommend that 😂

If you take a look at these previous threads, you may be able to find something that suits your taste, or at least give you a good recommendation. If you’re curious as to whether they work with a Mac, I would just Google the model number along with “Mac” or “Mac os compatibility” and hopefully there will be a post or forum somewhere with the answer 🙂

interesting! i wonder if the logitech yoke is compatible to the mac? maybe that’s a better choice instead of a joystick? what’s your thought. if i was buying a joystick, i would lean to purchase the logitech g x52 pro. both are around the same price.

If you can find a G X52 at that price, go ahead. But I’m sure it’s supposed to be about 2x the price of the 3d pro. At the end of the day, I would always go with personal preference. Find something you think will be suitable for you. It’s not us that has to use it 😜

awesome! thank you for your help! i am going with the yoke! 😎

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Hey my brother has one of those!

This Joystick I think that is used by majority of people playing flight simulators.

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