Best joystick for IF?

Hey guys
Wanted to buy a joystick for IF and wanted to know which is the best
I have a Saitek yoke but that doesn’t work with infinite flight so can someone confirm if it can or no?

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Check this out:

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I simulate with Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X and it is excellent and never gave problem to me. I use it for 3 years without any problems.
If you buy this brand will be an excellent purchase. Other moderns have never tested on the IF.

Good luck


Personally the Logitech 3D Pro is the best value for money and works perfectly w/ IF.
See this for how to set it up:

Actually I’m pretty sure the Saitek Yoke DOES work.
See the above guide.

Thanks mate! I’ll try it out

Tried it not working properly

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You have a different hotas X to me. Mine isn’t just the joystick with the small throttle thing. I’ve got an actual quadrant.

Ignore the laptop, I don’t even use it. Got a desktop.

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