Best Islands for flying

What is the best island range to do island hopping in? Does anyone have any good suggestions to try?

I like to fly between the Caribbean Islands & US Virgin Islands, such as St. Maarten, Antigua, and Puerto Rico.

Happy Flying!

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Hawaii has a lot of options also the islands that are part of Alaska and some in Oceana

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Does anyone have any suggestions for Oceania, Asia or Africa?

NTAA in French Polynesian out in the bottom middle of the pacific


Thanks, I’ll try it out tomorrow

Just did some island hopping in Southeast Alaska. PAWG and PASI are fun.

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Corfu, Santorini, Mauritius, and technically, New Zealand and Australia are both “islands” 😉 those are a few of my personal favorite.

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Check this out:

Thank you!

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Islands? The Philippines has over 7000 of them (not all of which are inhabited or have airfields, but check it out!)

Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 and the island of Kodiak in Alaska. Great scenery in both places and pretty diverse routes!

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The islands of southeastern Alaska.

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