Best Island hopping flights

Hawaii has some of my favorite routes in the world because of the hops between the Islands, PHNL-PHKO, PHOG-PHKO, PHOG-PHNL, what are other fun “Island hopping flights” around the world

Check out Greece, beautiful islands


The Canary Islands (GCFV, GCLP, GCTS and the other ones), are fantastic!

Also the Balearic Islands are great (LEPA, LEIB, LEMH)!

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You can also do United 154, since PHNL is your favorite airport.


I’ve thought about it but I feel like it wouldn’t be right if I skipped the first 5 hour flight but did the other ones

Here’s another suggestion. Alaska has a couple of flights flying up from Seattle to Anchorage and back. The runways are short and poses more of a challenge compared to the large international airports many are used to.


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