Best iPad for all things in IF

I’m looking for an ipad which would work good in if something that would withstand ulr flights and atc controlling something basically wouldn’t crash I would also like hearing your guys’ devices and how well do they work

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Air is basically the perfect iPad if you only used for IF and also want bigger screen with lower cost, and the mini is also ok if you just want a pad and the size is not the essential thing. It’s up to you:)

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Here you go 👍


Have a look here

That’s what I have as an option rn but does it have to have 2 tb cause I’m thinking of getting it with 512 gb

I pad prro works very well for me

The options are:

  • 128GB
  • 256GB
  • 512GB
  • 1TB
  • 2TB
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I went 512g

How many gbs and do you see the storage space changing performance and is this iPad used for other things or mainly IF only

I use it for everything

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Yeah I know but the guy I’m replying to had 2tb on the screenshot so I was asking if it would make a difference

Ok thanks
I need more thsn 10 characters

You never gave a price limit so I gave you the most expensive iPad possible. Of course it doesn’t need to be 2TB. It doesn’t need to be Cellular, it doesn’t need to be 12.9 inches. It doesn’t even need to be an iPad Pro :)

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Yeah I know that cause I was looking at all the options but thanks for the advice

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Personally I recommend the iPad Air 5, it’s perfect. It’s not too expensive yet still runs everything perfectly.

I have the Air 4 and I run the game on max settings and doesn’t go below 55fps.

The Air 5 does have the same processor as the 2021 ipad pro, the M1 SoC, and because of that i can confirm that the performance would be amazinng

It works really well when others complain about app crash. It’s worth the investment.

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Yeah plus the air is great but compared to pro I’ll be getting a better chip and the latest thing so a longer lifetime battery but I’m still not 100% sure on the budget is air is still an option

Just get whatever you can afford. All modern iPads within the last 2 years will run infinite flight without any issues

The crashing issue is unrelated, it’s affecting all iOS devices below 4gb ram

I have the iPad 10. Not too expensive and work perfect for IF with all the graphics on high. Could even go 60 fps but the warning message that IF sends when I want to set it scares me 😂