Best iOS screen recorder?

I’m looking for a safe iOS recorder that will work on my iPad Air 2, that preferably records the device volume, not the mic.


It’s a duplicate, there’s already many topic about that, search and you will find your happiness

Looked it up, couldn’t find any. :/

QuickTime Player. That usually works.

I don’t have a mac, only Windows PC.

Um … Ask my friend @Bulba, he has the same situation as you! He’s probably in school right now, so maybe when he comes out.

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I have two others but I think that’s fine with this ;-)

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iRec 2.0 ;)

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Will look at it, thanks!

But I think you need a Computer to download it. There are tutorials on Youtube

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Will it get my device locked/bricked?

Been discussed like 401391 times sorry 🙂