Best IOS Screen Recorder?

Any good screen recorders on IOS? My brother has a YouTube channel and wants to upload IF videos (do not include AirPlay)

connect your idevice to a mac with the usb cable and record via quicktime. That’s the easiest way, because you only use preinstalled software


What @Nick_Art said is probably the best and the safest way to do it

@Freddiefrogs i hate to break it to you both, but I do not own a mac. The nearest person that I am aware of the presence of a mac in their home is 5 hours away by car.


Hey! I don’t have one either!

I’m sure if you google it for Windows (I am assuming you have Windows) there should be something to download to let you do it

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Do you have a second device? You could record the replay if you want in “solo”.

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There will soon be an update that allows screen recording on iOS and Android.


Great to hear that! Will it record voice? (Hopefully optional)

I believe it will only record in-game sound. Don’t quote me on that though.

Probably just in-game audio & video

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with the A320 Update?

this update can be the best IF update ever :)

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