Best Infinite Flight Videos [Official Thread]


I will do an extra long stream for FNF if I can hit 50 subs tomorrow. I’ll also be streaming tonight, so I’ll post that soon.


Myself and @caleb_kenneford6 arriving back at RAF Coningsby with a run and break after an aerial refuelling training sortie.


Getting ready for some Swiss flying tonight.


I’m doing the same flight for my stream!


Friday Night Flight 50 sub special is at 1600z. We’d love for you to join us tonight!


Currently doing a FNF!


Life is a journey, make it a journey to remember…


Wait, why was the JetStar in there 😂


The Qantas Virtual Group consists of all the virtual airlines owned by Qantas, just like in the real world…


Huh. I did not know that Qantas owned Jetstar.


Jetstar is a wholly owned low cost carrier by Qantas, however Qantas has made some joint ventures with other airlines to make airlines like Jetstar Asia and a few others.


It’s all Infinite Flight here! 👍🏻


I see now that you must post IF only vids, my mistake.


Controlling on Expert this morning.

Subscribe for more videos :)


Wow. I am truly blown away by your skills!


Well I might as well post my newest video here. It’s not amazing compared to @IFP-Dan 's video but it’s one of my best videos on my channel so far.

I made it as a promo for @Rynjil_H 's VA as he asked if he could have a video made. If you feel like joining then be sure to contact him.



Jetstar is qantas qantas is Jetstar

They are the same but different.


Infinite Flight Global Movie [4K] ‘Born to fly’

credits: IFST Flight simulator channel



and lastly

also check his channel