Best Infinite Flight Videos [Official Thread]


You can basically take every video on my channel (No jk). This was my 2nd video ever. I still like it!


Very nice! How did you get that shot from the co-pilot’s seat?


He used a video-flipping filter that comes within iMovie.


That was one of the best IF movies I’ve ever seen. How did you pull those break away shots? What do you use to edit? Will you teach me the ways, Sensei?


WOW! I love this video, definitely one of the top that I have seen! Great work, sir! :)


He uses iMovie. It’s from apple for apple only.


Ok. I have it on my iPhone. Not as good as mac, but it still works.


He seems to use it on mac.


@Jshnlsn @Cbro4 Thanks guys :) I use Final Cut Pro and iMovie.


Guess what? I’m streaming!


Sorry none of your videos fit the criteria of best Infinte Flight videos. Please remove the video.



cue roblox death sound


Good job. I was watching a little


there’s also an option in cockpit i think. not sure since i havent played in a few months


Maybe someone will like my video 😉


“Maybe”… Sure with that much subscribers “maybe” someone will like your video :)


Haha thanks. I hope I willl do more video like that 😉


Direct flights from Australia to London begin later today…


Here’s my latest video. A timelapse I shot Monday. I know it’s pretty bad.


here is one of my recent flight to the northen countries