Best Infinite Flight Videos [Official Thread]


And the problem is that he is grade 4…


I think that people are fine with the aileron and elevator controls, but forget about the rudder entirely when they’re trying to land in crosswinds. This then results in aircraft spinning wildly out of control off the runway. Great to watch as a spectator.


no one has mentioned that @Mark_Denton is in the background?


btw @Mark_Denton best callsign ever
the irony of it LOL


He landed after the guy in the video. He was in an Iberia B747-200. There was a crosswinds and whilst his landing wasn’t butter smooth, he did at least manage to stay on the runway. You’d be surprised at how many people went skidding off the runway immediately after landing.


Lol, I don’t know if I would call this the best but it’s the funniest, IF Guy is live streaming his flight, and he is asleep😂😂😂 Listen to him snoring 😂😂



Great job recording it. That was a meh landing


Thank you so much.😀😀


Here’s my most recent video, enjoy!


What is the app with the wind map called?


@ItzEhs It’s


Not sure if a stream counts but…

Trying to reach 100 subscribers! 12 away right now. Maybe one of you will be that special subscriber!


On top of a CRJ Movie and a trailer for the Global Air Force, I’m making anothe GAF Segment involving the F-22’s Tactical Demonstration that will be used in air shows to come in the future.

Bonus: Contains real sound!


Bad video quality, but hey, at least i tried 😋

After many pictures I decided to make my first little video.


Beautiful! Love the way you used the “scenic” camera views! Perhaps you could add some kind of theme and purpose to the videos though, it would make them more meaningful to watch.


Check out my new vid! :)


Best video here. You know who it is ;)


@Swiss would enjoy this. Good video!


That’s cool! Nice work!