Best Infinite Flight Videos [Official Thread]


Your landing wasn’t the best. It’s cool that you flew over some islands to spice up the video. I subscribed.

What did you edit with?


The reason for that was the limited amount of RWY I had left


“Wasn’t the best”? The landing rate was double digits only! Anyway yeah. My video would be pretty boring if I flew to TNCM direct lol.

Oh, and thanks for subscribing! Only 1 more subscriber until I hit 20…


I saw it was in the double digits. The thing I saw was that it was very spastic because your nose was bouncing up and down prior to touchdown quite a lot. You also floated a ways down the runway. Nothing too bad, it was pretty smooth but there is room for improvement.

But anyway, what did you use to edit it?


lol, 250 for me. Goodluck on your journey Cpt. TC


Oh and when you ask what I edit with, well, it’s a long story. I’ll just list the steps down here:

  1. Record the flight
  2. Import recordings onto dis bad boi:
Spicy Picture

  1. Switch on my laptop & copy the files over
  2. Use movie maker to speed up the files (iMovie only lets you go up to 2x…)
  3. Once the files are edited into a movie with a song over it, the video is rendered and send back onto the bad boi.
  4. The video is taken from the bad boi and copied to the iPad
  5. The video is cropped into a 16:9 widescreen ratio from the iPad’s dreadful 4:3 ratio in iMovie
  6. The video is exported and uploaded to YouTube

Yes you have permission to take a breath or two after reading that


I made a landing in the 772er so good that I took me a while to realize I was on the ground but unfortunately I don’t have a yt channel and I can’t post videos



The video was very well detailed I must add but is this supposed to be for the game itself, or the scenery it has to offer.


Yes I am showing the scenery



I’ve been streaming a lot of my flights lately. Here my channel:


There’s a thing called

Going around


He landed half way down the damn runway lol


That`s a very nice video, the music and the video just beautiful.
Well done!



Parked like a pro😂. And that was expert server?!


Yes, at Madrid earlier today.


Very graceful technique. Gets ten out of ten points from me.

I never knew that the B757 was equipped with a handbrake!


i dont have a youtube account but i have a landing footage in a 772er that shames that