Best Infinite Flight Videos [Official Thread]


I don’t know how you do it, but are very talented at making those videos! Bravo! Amazing! Keep them coming, please. :)


Thank you very much!



This was after recording a scene for a new Movie I’m making.


I created this awhile ago, hope you all enjoy


Pretty entertaining. I had a laugh about it.


Mate, that is pretty cool. That would have taken a while by the looks of it. 👌👍


IFAE’s First Event Highlights!


Very well made! Well done!


Wow! That was splendid @Nate_Schneller. I must say the judge was generous with the scores:-)


I was the judge, by the way. Thanks!
To you too, @Owain_G


@Jonas_Sundt-Bjordal Spotted my special Easter egg for @RTG113


That was spot on! The edits and the grading we’re in my oppionion , good !


@Tom_Grollman I’m improving my 208 landings!


My first video has been uploaded! Hope you enjoy! (Yes Ik my Landing is terrible)


I have made another timelapse with helpful advice from community members in my last timelapse post. If any of you guys in the community would like to give me feedback on this one that I would appreciate it!


Why is you almost crashing your best video. lol.


For some reason APPR failed on me at the last second, started pushing the nose down. I quickly recovered my aircraft because the last time I used APPR on the B787 my Aircraft nose dived over the runway


This isn’t really a “best IF video” is it… remember to stay on topic. Also you aren’t s supposed to use brakes while using reverse thrust and vice versa. Reverse thrust should be cut off at 60kts GS.


APPR never works. Dont trust it.