Best Infinite Flight Videos [Official Thread]



Currently live.

Perth to New York
20 hours flight time


@AmericanVirtual promotional video, made by me


Edit: If anyone in the community needs any help regarding topics I have made videos on, I would be grateful if you all share this link with them. As my sole intention is to help everyone. Thanks.


Proper Speeds of Cruise:


Ok a few things wrong in this video:

A319/A320/A321 cruise at M0.78 like the A318
787 Family cruise at M0.85

Please do research before you make a video like this!


Okay, I made this video from the forum post made by Mod DeerCrusher, I did my research and posted that link crediting him on my video description. And if you differ to my video, make sure to check that forum post because I took the info from there. Thanks.


Foreflight with Infinite Flight :
Synthetic Vision.
this video marks the end of the Infinite Flight series of videos for the time being.


In the mood to watch plane spotting? Heres a video I just uploaded of Las Vegas Plane Spotting. The video is rich in Southwest planes and many more. I even did tributes at the end. Please take your time to watch it, Ive worked very hard to finish it.