Best Infinite Flight Videos [Official Thread]


Nice video of JFK departures on runway 22R! Subscribe to my youtube channel MJL Productions for more videos like this and more! Safe landings!


I’m going to be streaming a short GA flight in around 25 minutes. Everyone is welcome to join!




Guess you already have a thumbnail, Have fun bro 🤙


Nice to see a Qantas. :)


Y’all should watch this stream. It is of YPPH traffic! You might even see yourself!


I definitely see myself :)


Here’s my last video in 2018 😁


How did you get the music like that? Did you download it?


You have to, otherwise he would have to compose it,


Couple of ways to check METAR from some of the handy online sources:


I tried something new! Tell me what you think.


Creative indeed, the IFE concept.


Well it may be a real thing in the future! Great edit!


Cheers mate, glad you enjoyed it!


Thats nice! Good idea!


Can anyone advise me when I am doing screen record of my flight my IF assistant and IF pax there are no sound after the recording, is it bc Apple doesn’t record any third party app or what?
Appreciate your answer


Yes, I think it doesn’t record multiple app sounds. I had tried as well, but didnt manage to record. So i shifted to QuickTime player on Mac.


Use this info, to test your flying skills, and mainly Challenge yourself, as to how good you really are, with such insane weather conditions!


so on quicktime record could record everything like IF assistant and IF PAX?


Yes. With Quicktime on Mac, we can reflect our device screen, and it takes all the sounds from the device.