Best Infinite Flight Videos [Official Thread]


It’ll be in about an hour! 👍🏻


a virtual air show, not very extreme but it was fun.


T-30 minus. Countdown is on


For me it will be 00:00 😂👋


It’s finally out!


Thats amazing! Thanks for you great videos :)


Santa Claus delivering Pre Christmas Care Package, unveiling an unused undermined feature of IF:


I’ve seen it before, but never saw what it does. Thank for showing!


My Newest Video!


Excellent, and awesome music!


Another video just came out!


Just watched, it’s amazing! Keep up the good work Nate!


Generate Random Flights with all details, with this handy 1 Min Tip.


Hello everyone! This video is basically a movie of one my trips from SLC-OMA! It includes R&B music from the great 6LACK! Please take 8 minutes to watch my video. If you like it subscribe for more trips around the world plus plane spotting at your favorite airports!!! Thank you and happy flying!


60 Seconds on the timer, and a Proper Cruise Altitude Guide helps us fly more realistic.


KOSH to KPHX flight record


Coming soon

don’t miss it on George Anastasis YT


Ladies and Gents. By far my best video… its sooo goood


FAOR - FACT timelapse


A Casual video informing about how to check Server Statistics in details. Fun fact to know.