Best Infinite Flight Videos [Official Thread]


Lol, using @Swiss’s program


I don’t understand. What do you mean?


Oh, nothing, sorry. I just meant that was the same program that Swiss001 used in his video 😂


Oh yeah lol. Didn’t notice that. 😂


Here is my YouTube Video from my YouTube channel.

(Sorry it not in English).


Look I tried ok?


I think you did pretty well


An Infinite Flight time-lapse, enjoy :)


what a butter xd


Amazing timelapse!


You should fly to SJC sometime XD

But was this on training or expert


Or maybe some san diego action too? plsss


There is already action at San Diego XD

Unless you are talking about Carlsbad :D


I am just offended. jk
That is true, I just wish it were more lively nowadays on IF lol. SJC is a little less tho


Training,both take off and landing was obstructed by pilots flying from the other end lol


Sure. Suggest me a route and I will make another one.


Oh your actually the best, PM me anytime and I can give you some lit routes :) I’d recommend san-phx in the southwest 738 but its up to you! Love your vids btw!


Definitely will PM you,yea can do your suggested routes too✌️,this was episode 1. More to come. And thank you so much for the appreciation and support. If you are in Instagram or fb, we can connect more easily 👍


New timelapse


You mean Power Director?