Best Infinite Flight Videos [Official Thread]


Professional Video Clip on Landing B712 and DC10 in Mount Everest, Nepal (VNLK)


Our latest promo…


Badass Kamikaze Pilots:


Very well made! Good Job : )


Good Job! What is the song by the way? Very much liked : )


So you’re the person who ruins people trying to learn how to fly


Double tap on the approaching plane next time and you will have a steady camera panning.

Nice video though.


I think the point is to not focus on it.


I forget, as I made it a while ago. I’ll have to look.

#38 IF TS1 is a wild place



Friday Night Flight (FNF) Timelapse @ Atlanta


Did a dev seriously just see one of my Movies?!! 😱😱😱😱

I just want to tag him right now


I am very thankful for this.

Here is one of my more recent videos


Dogfight in Infinite flight, F16 VS F22
You will regret if you don’t watch it ;)


Spent a while on this, hope you like it.


Nice, some amazingly smooth shots.

One thing I would suggest is changing up the livery between some of the shots, as at the start it was an Air New Zeland livery 2 times in a row.

Not something that particularly annoys me, but just a small thing I would suggest 🙂

Apart from that, great video - you clearly have talent 👌


Yeah, I understand what you’re getting at. I wanted to keep some consistency when I started filming, but then kinda lost it as I continued. I do agree, it’s a bit odd at the start having the plane change. Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it.


Just a quick snippet from a Team DynamX training flight.


Just posted a new video. Atlanta to Seattle in the Delta 737-9. I decided to do a test flight using In-Flight Assistant and Infinite Passengers together. Loved it, made it a bit laggy but nothing too bad. Im loving the Callouts though :)

Pushback starts at 27:00