Best Infinite Flight Videos [Official Thread]


Here is a video of my first Training Server Flight, done today! I was so bad with approach and frequencies, I am graciously accepting criticism and tips! (I turned 270 when I was supposed to turn 170)… and then my calibration was messing up on final which resulted in me panicking.


Why did you just post the same video twice???



No need to post the same video. :)


This isn’t my first or last IF video! If anyone has any feed back I would love to hear from you!


Why did your takeoff with full flaps? 10 degrees is enough 😉




how they do to publish their videos?
It tells me that you can not upload jpg files


You have to post it to YouTube and then paste the link on the IFC.


Great pictures, but I think they belong here. :)




I made this Infinite Flight Movie! Enjoy!


Every thing written in the video is in French.
You can still watch it if you don’t speak French as it’s basically a timelapse


That should be the 2019 trailer for IF


Haha, thanks man! Glad you liked it. 🙂




It’s okay, just relax

Also this is my first video! :)


It is great @JT_Playz!! Nice to see that you are making videos now :)