Best Infinite Flight Videos [Official Thread]


That’s why you have to be patient when you descend into a busy airport. ATC is hard at work, make their lives easier by not sending uncessary commands, sit back, pay attention, and let them do all the hard work. Thanks! :)


Amen to that, seeing what it’s like behind the scenes makes you appreciate it all that more, thanks for sharing



My most popular video. I do air disaster recreation videos for infinite flight


Here is the video I recorded of the flypast at KDEN for the massive fly out event organised by @Nathan.

We were fewer than two seconds ahead of schedule as we passed KDEN.

Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2

Perfectionism went down the drain, 2 seconds ahead is not acceptable 😜

Great Video, nice flyover, looks elegant 👍🏼


FNF Time Lapse 8/10/2018
(Video idea credit: @Dubya)


my first time lapse!! subscribe to see more!


I’m a bit of a beginner, but I hope you enjoy. And if you do subscribe ;)


Hahah! Very close to home


You’re right, the poor bird suffered fuel exhaustion on short final. The silence is Erie without the engine hum

Best Infinite Flight Photos [Official Thread]

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Hey guys, I’m not dead when it comes to filming but due to me moving out (to some apartment that isn’t really that far out) I will not be making the quality content you will normally be seeing on the IFAE Channel, as the iMac I use to make these films will be staying at the old house. The tutorial series however is all recorded on the iPad, so those will keep coming. But there will be a day when I get a new gaming laptop and a shot at Final Cut Pro, so I can upload in 4K and 60fps, so big things are ahead!
In the mean time, here’s something I did in my spare time when I mixed up multiple sounds in iMovie to create my vision of a fighter sound pack. Enjoy!


It’s great, but maybe making the sounds a little bit more connected would make the quality better? Other than that great job!😁👍


Yea. It was all fine until I uploaded it and the sound spiked annoyingly at the end. It still sounds like a soundpack though


Here’s a manual crosswind landing at Tokyo’s Hadena airport in a Delta 777-200LR (quality is better if you open in YouTube)


latest video on my channel, quick hop to LGAV from LTBA with Turkish A321


I’ll be streaming later today in Canada! Hope to see some fellow community members join in:)


Here is a video of my first Training Server Flight, done today! I was so bad with approach and frequencies, I am graciously accepting criticism and tips! (I turned 270 when I was supposed to turn 170)… and then my calibration was messing up on final which resulted in me panicking.