Best Infinite Flight Videos [Official Thread]



Very nice tutorial my friend. I’ll be waiting for more. Also beautiful voice over.


I recorded this video of some low level flying in an F-22 In Wales. The recording starts at EGOD. In the video I fly around the Mach Loop twice before heading north towards Bala and climbing out of low level just south of Llandudno.

Watch full screen.


Hello Ladies & Gentlmen, I have started a youtube channel where I control on the Expert server for IFATC and post them on the channel. This allows potential Recruites and IFATC Radar Trainees to learn through my videos. I have just finished uploading a few videos of my Approach Session in PANC.

Feel free to check this out to see controlling the IFATC way!


Hey all!

I made a short time lapse of LHR for FNF today, it show’s you roughly two hours of FNF movements sped up.



Thats pretty cool what camera mode did you use


My latest video, check it!


Finally past the two minute mark on my long-awaited Trailer for IFAEGAF! I have just about 30 seconds left on the reel.


Here’s my next vid, enjoy!


Im back ;)


A new film from me!


Some material of dnmx. Pretty good stuff if you like jets in formation 😎


Presenting the absolute limit of my film editing work:



That is absolutely amazing! Great job, I’m sure it took a ton of work and effort.


Night Landing.


First video!


Another one I just remembered editing…back when I used to lead the golden era of AeroSync.
Not clickbait, just good old days :



What did I just witness? 😂😂😂


Would love to see you do one on the CRJs