Best Infinite Flight Videos [Official Thread]


Well put together, great job! One question, where do yo you get your music from?


It’s either Trap Nation or NCS


Nice! Really miss the old scenery (especially the water).


Okay, I will see what I can find.


Thanks! @Gliding_Central @Cbro4 The music is from NCS


What software and hardware do you use to edit?


Device: iPhone 7 Plus
Computer: iMac
Editors: iMovie & Final Cut Pro


Expert server session done by one of our controllers. Enjoy!


IF Plane Spotting in LAX -


I’ve gotta say, this is the best out of all here ( imo ) @AslanK music and everything is just unbelievable


Thankyou! More great movies coming with all of the other variants aswell :)


Probably my smoothest A320 landing


Newest video I have uploaded. It has been on hold for some time but with school out I should be able to get more videos out. This video has some info about the departure and destination airports. I got this idea from a post Laura said saying how it would be nice to have info about airports while flying.


another scenic and difficult approach nailed it. 3rd one down after Queenstown, lukla now kodiak.
check out this flight from anchorage to kodiak b737 alaska airline. do comment.


If you’re wondering how to do all the crazy stuff only seen in airshows, I’ve got you covered.


Is that your voice over?


Yep. That is me voicing over.


Nice. I’m saving this to my watch later. I have always wanted to learn this stuff.


Here’s a run and break + landing I did at Lossiemouth the other day.


I did this in IF to say farewell to Qantas’ 747.