Best Infinite Flight Videos [Official Thread]


That’s my latest video (a flight from EGLL to EIDW). I hope you’ll enjoy it!


Just posted my first ever video

Hope you enjoy it!


New CRJ Release Full Flight From (KSBA) to (KSAN)


Very cool to see someone flying out of SBA. Very underserved airport within IF. Very nice city if you’re you visit in person.


It is Indeed Underserved! I actually flew out with 3 other in the CRJ all going to SFO.


Here’s my latest video!


Great video. Good music.


Got the notification! Excellent work, as always. ;)


Thanks guys! Appreciate it. @Thomas @Bob_Robert


I haven’t been on the Forum all day!
(Because I’m working on about 3 minutes of solid CRJ)



Hey guys,

Not sure if this is the right place to share, but I just thought I had link this amazing 4K cinematic video from @JNG_Aviation he just uploaded on YouTube featuring the CRJ update. It gave me goosebumps lol. Honestly out the world good editing done on this…


Intro for my GAF-Dedicated side project, running alongside the CRJ movie.

(How’s my vintage narrator voice? 👍🏻😜😏)


Nice! Really like it so far. Editing my CRJ movie right now.


Currently uploading mines to youtube


If I can see the picture more clearly I would be delighted. The voice, though, is on point! 👌


Guys, this video is my self introduction in IF. Not sure if this should be posted here but so I put it here for now.



YouTube then spams you with copyright notices


Lol! I made sure to do all the steps in order for them to allow ot ;)