Best Infinite Flight Videos [Official Thread]


You right 😂


I think I did okay with this one.


Insanely awesome!


After a bit of tip videos, here’s another sweet time-lapse of a route requested by some pilots.
KSFO-KPHX dawn weather: 60fps. 4721% speed to be precise.


Thanks! I’m glad you liked it!


Did you mean to post this In:



How to get to space!

Yes indeed! I have found the latest trick to get to space on Infinite Flight. This glitch will be patched next update though! My YouTube channel is Plane/Train TV


Just a question,can I do that with an A380?


I do not think so as the A380 doesn’t have a lot of engine power.

I wish they wouldn’t patch up this, as it really makes the sim cool being able to fly to space!


But like they say,”I don’t think in real life if you dive into the ground you’ll be able to go to space”.


Oh, hello there!
Reminds me of something LOL
HUKJ problem


👀 I was having to much fun haha


I enjoy going to space too! LOL


I am about to Live stream a solo flight from KGUC-KDEN. Hope to get some to watch!


A very essential video on VIOLATIONS, and why your grades are declining. Find your answers through this complete guide to Violations and how to avoid getting them. Shoutout to Chris Levet for helping me with this one. Respect. A must watch for every pilot!


Timelapses I’ll do soon:
KORD-KLGA American 737-800

I’m also taking flight suggestions!


I think I can say it for sure this time. Here I come again, YouTube! New MacBook coming to my apartment on December 4th.

The IFAE Channel


Ahh, you know what I did when I opened my first Magic Mouse


All I can say is that I slice my hand open every now and then XD


KPVD-EIDW. Norwegian 737-800.


1 minute of your time, makes me happy, and this video helps you with planning descent.