Best Infinite Flight Videos [Official Thread]

That’s the point. It makes it more realistic. 🙃😏

Two short videos I recorded flying the F-22 today.

Touch and Goes at RAF Coningsby (Expert):

Performance Takeoff at Edinburgh (Solo):

The touch and goes at Coningsby were part of a Global Air Forces sortie, and the takeoff at Edinburgh was just me exploring the airport, since I will probably fly there at some point tomorrow if IFATC is controlling there.

I flew at low level through the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales today after some touch and goes at Manchester (EGCC) for @Mags885’s ATC training.

The video begins south of Windermere. I fly over Windermere and through the Kirkstone Pass to Ullswater before turning south, following the M6 motorway to Tebay and the Lune Gorge. Then i turn left and fly east through the Yorkshire Dales. The video ends a few miles west of RAF Leeming.


Please note that I did this trench run to have fun and not to be super realistic.

Just a little fun in the F-22

Unfortunately I then took off, which ruined my fun

IFATC Approach controlling session at FACT, during Friday Night Flight - South African Flying Spree @ FACT - 270700ZJUL18. Enjoy!


Dude i could only watch about 10mins and i was exhausted!!

I bet you slept well that night!

Outstanding work! 👊🏻🍻

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That’s why you have to be patient when you descend into a busy airport. ATC is hard at work, make their lives easier by not sending uncessary commands, sit back, pay attention, and let them do all the hard work. Thanks! :)


Amen to that, seeing what it’s like behind the scenes makes you appreciate it all that more, thanks for sharing

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My most popular video. I do air disaster recreation videos for infinite flight

Here is the video I recorded of the flypast at KDEN for the massive fly out event organised by @Nathan.

We were fewer than two seconds ahead of schedule as we passed KDEN.


Perfectionism went down the drain, 2 seconds ahead is not acceptable 😜

Great Video, nice flyover, looks elegant 👍🏼

FNF Time Lapse 8/10/2018
(Video idea credit: @Dubya)

my first time lapse!! subscribe to see more!

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I’m a bit of a beginner, but I hope you enjoy. And if you do subscribe ;)

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Hahah! Very close to home

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You’re right, the poor bird suffered fuel exhaustion on short final. The silence is Erie without the engine hum

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