Best Infinite Flight Videos [Official Thread]



Made by me J.22YT_HD


Winds were xxx@22G32 at St.Thomas
Loving the new suspension animation on the A320 family


GAF Euro Forces No.11 Squadron arriving at Nellis AFB for Red Flag 2018.

We had five F-22s and one F-16, arriving in pairs separated by 7NM flying at 400 knots. This meant that each pair of aircraft was roughly one minute apart.


Are you part of a specific/official Infinite Flight group for fighter jets?


I’m in Global Air Forces. More info here:


Awesome! I wondered if someone had organized a formation group.


There are a few! Check out the IFVARB Database to find out more!

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One of my best so far.


Better moves than I’ve ever seen from an IF airforce


It’s not an Air Force by the way. It’s an aerobatics team


That’s the point. It makes it more realistic. 🙃😏


Two short videos I recorded flying the F-22 today.

Touch and Goes at RAF Coningsby (Expert):

Performance Takeoff at Edinburgh (Solo):

The touch and goes at Coningsby were part of a Global Air Forces sortie, and the takeoff at Edinburgh was just me exploring the airport, since I will probably fly there at some point tomorrow if IFATC is controlling there.


I flew at low level through the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales today after some touch and goes at Manchester (EGCC) for @Mags885’s ATC training.

The video begins south of Windermere. I fly over Windermere and through the Kirkstone Pass to Ullswater before turning south, following the M6 motorway to Tebay and the Lune Gorge. Then i turn left and fly east through the Yorkshire Dales. The video ends a few miles west of RAF Leeming.


Please note that I did this trench run to have fun and not to be super realistic.


Just a little fun in the F-22

Unfortunately I then took off, which ruined my fun


IFATC Approach controlling session at FACT, during Friday Night Flight - South African Flying Spree @ FACT - 270700ZJUL18. Enjoy!


Dude i could only watch about 10mins and i was exhausted!!

I bet you slept well that night!

Outstanding work! 👊🏻🍻


That’s why you have to be patient when you descend into a busy airport. ATC is hard at work, make their lives easier by not sending uncessary commands, sit back, pay attention, and let them do all the hard work. Thanks! :)