Best Infinite Flight Photos Part 2 [Official Thread]


I will be flying the SAS Crj900 in April from CPH-AMS


WestJet prepaeing to head West


A true warrior




Going home after a well-deserved vacation in Cancun


More To Love


Emirates 777 at Vienna


After arrival at CLT (A330-243 AA edite)


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Landing in Juneau! 💚💙💜


I decided to go experimental with these.

They may look pixelated (or simply weird) depending on what type of screen you’re using, and the reason why is because… well, it’s complicated. (PM me if you really want an explanation.)

If you’d like, help me out by answering the poll below:

  • I like that blur effect exactly how it is now!
  • I like that blur effect, but you could/should do some things to make it look better.
  • I’m not interested in seeing more blur-effect photos.

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Fly the friendly skies


Where was that taken?




I can’t actually remember… It was taken quite a while ago, but I never posted it initially 🙂


Some pictures from Paris in the Air France Cargo aircraft.


Sriwijaya Air 737-9LF(ER) PK-CMP with nose name "Keinginan’’ flight No. SJ/SJY260 from Yogyakarta is just parked on gate at Makassar Hasanudin Airport (WAAA/UPG). Flight time is around 90 minutes


Light / Dark


Butter that biscuit or 787