Best Infinite Flight Photos Part 2 [Official Thread]


Had a brilliant flight with @MJhendo this arvo going
from Manapouri to Queenstown, NZ

Would definitely recommend this flight (:

Here’s a shot of us parked at Queenstown;


Approaching Athens


It’s like JAL’s commercial or something like that!!


SoCal app, United 497 Heavy passing FL320 for FL260!(I wish SoCal was active but unfortunately no lol)

Edit→currently getting nailed by 122knt head wind


My first event, all went well with full attendance, except one which crashed last minute on downwind:

Lake Tahoe

Somewhere near Sacramento

787 gang

Amazing scenery somewhere near Hudson Bay






Flying with @Ethan_Chloe123 from KLAX-YBBN. Good morning, Australia!




image image



Woah what’s up with the Lufthansa A380’s logo?


Probably just lighting.


Nice view near the Salton sea


Goodbye San Jose


Cruising over the Swiss Alps 🇨🇭 on my way from Frankfurt to Naples operating as Lufthansa flight 334. (I’ll be flying this route after first flying JFK to Frankfurt in February on a school trip to Italy)


Yay my country! Awesome edit


Dude that second picture looks so realistic! 👏