Best Infinite Flight Photos Part 2 [Official Thread]


Since the last one got closed due to the fact it reached 10,000 photos or replies!! This will be part 2. Enjoy!

During an approach into MMMX in the Aeromexico Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner.

Best Infinite Flight photos
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Best IF Photo With More Than 1 Aircraft

Has this been approved by a Mod? I am not sure if you are allowed to make this… could be wrong though


I had just been messaged about it by @Gabe_Z. I had asked him which mod should I contact, he suggested contacting @DeerCrusher. I am currently waiting for a reply from him.



We’ll that’s something I’ve never seen before. Isn’t that the first time that has EVER happened on IFC?


Didn’t Misha make the last one?


Yes he did.


That is correct. I expect he will open up a new one also, so don’t get too attached to this thread 🙂


If you’re not sure if you can get this thread approved, why didn’t you just wait to find out before posting?

Probably just created the new topic for the likes anyway.


Yeah thats what i’m saying, lets just wait for Misha to see the old one is closed so he can make an new one.


I agree with that one




You guys can continue to post your photos in this thread in the meantime. The staff/mods will be discussing ways to share photos over the next day or so. It’s likely this thread will be closed once we reach a decision. I wouldn’t say that this is official just yet as Misha, another staff member, or mod will likely start the topic of discussion. Thanks for the understanding and patience. 🙂


In this case, I’ll post a picture from one of my LCY flights :) . Dynamic duo embraers.


Good thing there aren’t as many FedEx try-jets in Infinite Flight as there are in reality at Memphis!



Out of VNKT