Best Infinite Flight Photos [Official Thread]


Inside the water tanker in the DC-10F Tanker.


On my way to Sacramento


Back shot, front shot, sky!


Just missing Delta in this picture.


These photos were taken during my flight from KJFK - VTBS. It was my longest flight yet at 16:34. I did a bit of community spotting before takeoff @Nate_Schneller :). It was such a beautiful flight. I really liked the SKORR 1 RNAV departure. It was nice having grout controllers en-route. Hopefully you like these photos!

If you’re looking for a great VA to join, consider giving Thai VA a try.



Approaching BFI.


Approaching into Resolute Bay after a two hour flight from Alert.


Extravagant 2nd picture!


Iran is way too underrated! Definitely deservers more attention!



I just want to congratulate FDS on these absolutely stunning graphics. These pics were taken after departing KLAX, just as the moon began to rise. Incredibly beautiful!


Took off from KDEN and now on short final to Jackson Hole runway 19.


Landed on 19er and taxied to the gate accessible only via air stairs. 4 Boeing B737-800 United IFATC led flights took the route with me. Whoever you four are, nice seeing the action at KJAC!


Alitalia A321 landing in Rome Fiumicino



Had myself a little drink from Tyler’s Tanker.


That does not sound wrong at all


Just floating here in the KSFO cargo area going to either float or fly to Rio De Janeiro. (It isn’t a terrain issue, just the way you look down from the plane.)


Flying with Air Canada with Justin




I bet 80% of people didn’t know they were a branch in the military!