Best Infinite Flight Photos [Official Thread]


Ye i just click in looks nice




Unfortunately l think you may have developed a high fever along with your initial virus and it may be serious since you are becoming delusional…so best you visit your medical professional !


it’s time to sleep baby



Love this angle! ❤️



Infinite Flight Baby Shark Do do Bus


@Pilot_urp has told me about it
He used the glitch where you nose-dive into the ground and then you get launched up into space.
Apparently, he glitched well enough that he got all the way to the sun!


Why must there be a meme involved? 🙄😂😂


Liking for the du du


Pyrénées in the background


Bahama Water



Zurich to Rome 2018

Sorry for the bad pictures. First time trying to take pictures.


I love the winglets, didn’t even know they had those on the A318 in IF.


A quick morning hop across Florida.


Action Packed at Frankfurt on Expert!

Instagram: @infinite_flight_gallery (IF Aviator28)


Aweosme! Great shots!


Laura departing out of of New York heading to Flight Sim 2018! ☀️


Hint: I might (just might) post my pics here before I post on my Instagram. 😉


Flying to Vegas! 😎


This looks like IRL. Actually amazing job!